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Founder Life Members

Founder Life Members

Ln. B.K. Kapoor
Ln. Surendra Verma

Seth Ashok Kumar (Late) Ln. D.N. Sharma (Late) Ln. Darshan Singh
(Late) Ln. H.D. Kashyap Ln. J.D. Jain (Late) Ln. K.N. Sovti
Ln. Mahendar Pal (Late) Ln. P.V. Kakkar Ln. Y.P. Monga
(Late) Ln. S.K. Bajaj Ln. S.K. Gaur (Late)Ln. Subhash Chand Sachdeva
(Late) Ln. Ved Prakash Sharma (Late) Ln. Vinod Kumar Singal (Late) Ln. H.K. Chaudhary
Hard Work
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